Main aspects of future development of metal powder injection molding

Metal powder metallurgy injection molding (MIM) technology is a product of many disciplines, such as plastic molding technology, polymer chemistry, powder metallurgy technology and metal materials science. It can rapidly and accurately materialize the design idea into a certain result by using mold injection molding blank and rapidly manufacturing high-density, high-precision, three-dimensional complex shape structural parts through sintering It is a new revolution in manufacturing technology industry that products with structural and functional characteristics can be directly produced in batches. The following by Guangdong Dahong new materials small series on metal powder injection molding in the future development direction.

At present, the scale of metal powder injection molding manufacturers in the world is still small, but it has hardly been affected by the economic crisis, but has steadily increased. In Europe, its main application fields are MIM automobile parts, such as powder metallurgy micro gear and powder metallurgy small module gear. In North America, it mainly focuses on MIM medical devices, while in Asia, MIM smart wear is mainly used, such as MIM smart wear bracelet and MIM smart wearable electronic watch. In the future, the development of metal powder injection molding will mainly focus on materials and design, and use the advantages of MIM technology to help customers improve product design and reduce costs, so as to expand the application field of metal powder injection molding.

Metal powder injection molding (MIM) technology has the characteristics of high precision, uniform organization, excellent performance and low production cost compared with traditional process. Its products are widely used in MIM mobile phone accessories, MIM intelligent wear, MIM auto parts, MIM ceramic watch case, MIM communication medical, office equipment, machinery, sports equipment, watch industry, weapons and aerospace industry. Therefore, it is generally believed that the development of this technology will lead to a revolution of parts forming and processing technology, which is known as “the most popular part forming technology today” and “forming technology in the 21st century”.

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Post time: Oct-11-2020
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