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Wire and cable mixer

Introduction to the use of wire and cable mixer:1. Rubber (silicone) products: various rubber rings, rubber tubes, adhesive tapes, rubber bands, shockproof rubber, rubber rollers, rubber sponges, tire


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Introduction to the use of wire and cable mixer:

1. Rubber (silicone) products: various rubber rings, rubber tubes, adhesive tapes, rubber bands, shockproof rubber, rubber rollers, rubber sponges, tires, rubber soles, oil seals, silicone rubber miscellaneous parts, and other rubber products;

2. Chemical industry raw materials and plastic products: High dispersion mixing and plasticization of various cable materials, color masterbatch and high filling of carbides, EVA, PVC, low smoke non barrier fuels, TPR, TPU, TPE and other elastomers, cable heat shrink tubes, high filling of calcium compounds, rubber plastic blends and other chemical raw materials;

3. Metal powder MIM products: iron powder, stainless steel powder, magnetic powder, tungsten powder, hardware miscellaneous parts, electronic components, military industry, etc;

4. Ceramic powder products, ceramic electronic devices, ceramic medical supplies, ceramic miscellaneous parts, etc.

Application scope of wire and cable mixer:

Wire and cable mixer is used for mixing wire and cable materials, including lighting connection cable, PVC cable, EVA Low smoke zero halogen, PE Low smoke zero halogen, TPE Low smoke zero halogen, TPU Low smoke zero halogen, rubber cable, ultra-high voltage cable, low-voltage cable, high-voltage cable, special cable, plastic cable, electrical equipment cable, railway signal cable, Mineral-insulated copper-clad cable, optical fiber communication products, submarine optical cable, marine cable, new energy cable Overhead power lines, locomotive cables, computer cables, fluoroplastic high-temperature cables, special cables for frequency converters, radiation cross-linked cables, Class 1E K3 cables for nuclear power plants, polyethylene insulated cables, Low smoke zero halogen power cables, round overhead conductors, silica gel cables, porcelain silica gel cables, silica gel insulation materials, control cables, data cables, electronic cables, indoor wires, indoor Low smoke zero halogen cables, external high-voltage rubber cables Halogen-free flame-retardant cables, automotive cables, computer connection cables, display connection cables, polyvinyl chloride first come, installation soft cables, speaker connection cables, polytetrafluoroethylene cables, etc.

Technical characteristics of wire and cable mixer:

1. Cable materials and other additives are mixed or molded under closed, pressurized, and temperature controlled conditions, resulting in high production efficiency, uniform material dispersion, excellent quality, non pollution of the environment, and convenient material replacement and color change cleaning;

2. The mixing chamber, rotor, weight and other components adopt a jacket structure, which can be heated or cooled by medium, steam, thermal oil, and water to meet the process requirements of various cable materials. The processed materials have excellent and stable quality;

3. The spiral angle and working length of the rotor ribs are designed reasonably, which can improve the kneading effect of the material. The rotor peak and end face are made of wear-resistant hard alloy for surfacing welding. The surfaces of the mixing chamber, rotor, and weight that directly come into contact with the material are polished and plated with hard chromium, bright, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant;

4. The joint between the upper opening of the mixing room and the hanging wall of the rack adopts a secondary corner pressure sealing structure design, which has a good sealing and dust prevention effect. The rotor end face adopts a contact external pressure type non lubricated sealing structure, which is wear-resistant and durable;

5. The mixing shaft adopts a dry mechanical shaft seal for leakage prevention, and the mixing tank is a tilting type, making cleaning and color changing simple and easy. This sealed mixing tank not only ensures the mixing of items, but also prevents environmental pollution, with low failure rate, sturdy and durable machine, easy operation and maintenance of the device, and saves electricity;

6. The rotor blades are made of imported alloy steel for surfacing welding, high-precision polishing, carburizing, and hard chromium plating on the surface to ensure wear resistance and durability It is especially aimed at materials with strong abrasion resistance such as Low smoke zero halogen, wires and cables;

7. The inverted gear reducer adopts a new type of planetary gear, which can save more than 1/4 of the volume and weight compared to other specifications of reducers. Each gear has been heat treated and ground to reduce friction loss during operation. The same load in different directions cannot be achieved by traditional gearboxes;

8. The gear system of this machine's gearbox is made of high-grade chrome and special steel, and is precision processed by imported advanced units from West Germany. It has high accuracy, excellent assembly quality, is not easy to wear and break, transmission efficiency, and low noise, extremely low failure rate, and saves electricity;

9. The mixing tank of this machine is made of advanced special steel, and the surface is treated with wear-resistant steel. The surface is electroplated with hard chromium, which has excellent wear resistance and a lifespan of 1-2 times longer than traditional ones. The mixing tank is divided into tilting type and open close type, and the mixing shaft adopts dry mechanical shaft seal to prevent leakage, making cleaning and color changing simple and environmentally friendly;

10. The mixing tank is of a tilting type, and the mixing shaft adopts a dry mechanical shaft seal to prevent leakage, making cleaning and color changing simple and easy; This sealed mixing tank not only ensures the quality of the mixture, but also prevents environmental pollution;

11. The machine is sturdy and durable, with a low failure rate, easy installation, operation and maintenance, and saves electricity.

After sales service for wire and cable mixer:

1. Provide on-site installation guidance;

2. Responsible for on-site debugging and testing of supplied equipment until it passes acceptance;

3. Responsible for on-site operation and maintenance training for Party A's personnel;

4. The unit is guaranteed free of charge for one year under correct use, and the supply of spare parts is guaranteed for a long time;

5. Provide long-term free technical service consultation;

6. Within and outside the warranty period, the supplier shall provide clear solutions within 3 hours after receiving notification of equipment failure from the purchaser; If the supplier's personnel are required to be in place, they should arrive at the site for maintenance within 72 hours in China, and arrive at the Pearl River Delta within 24 hours (excluding travel time).

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