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What are the core components of an internal mixer

🕙 2023-09-04 👆

The core components of the mixer include the following:

Mixing chamber: The mixing chamber is the core part of an internal mixer, usually composed of two interlocking cylinders, with smooth inner walls and hardened surface to withstand high-strength friction and pressure.

Mixer: The mixer is the core component of an internal mixer, consisting of two mutually rotating double spirals to achieve mixing and grinding of rubber raw materials.

Transmission device: The transmission device mainly drives the rotation of the mixer through a motor and adjusts the speed of the mixer.

Heating and cooling system: The heating and cooling system is an important part of the internal mixer, which can control the working temperature of the mixer to ensure the stability and plasticity of rubber raw materials during the mixing process.

It should be noted that different models of internal mixers have different core components. For a more detailed understanding of the relevant parameters and machine structure of the internal mixer, please contact us for a deeper understanding.


Internal mixer equipment diagram