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The production process of rubber toys

🕙 2023-11-03 👆

The production process of rubber toys mainly includes the following steps:

Raw material preparation: Firstly, prepare the rubber raw materials. This is usually a rubber block or rubber particle, and different types of rubber are selected according to the needs of the product.

Ingredients: Mix rubber with various additives (such as vulcanizing agents, accelerators, antioxidants, etc.) according to a specific formula. This step ensures the physical and chemical properties of the rubber toy.

Rubber mixing: Put the rubber after ingredients into a rubber mixing machine for refining. This process enables rubber and additives to mix more evenly and achieve a certain degree of plasticity and fluidity.

Forming: Put the refined rubber into a mold for molding. This step is usually carried out under high temperature and pressure conditions, allowing the rubber to fully fill the mold and form the desired shape.

Vulcanization: The formed rubber toys need to undergo vulcanization treatment. In this process, cross-linking is formed between rubber molecules, making the rubber elastic, wear-resistant, and aging resistant.

Demolding and trimming: After vulcanization is completed, remove the rubber toy from the mold and trim it to remove excess scraps and burrs.

Inspection and testing: Conduct a comprehensive inspection and testing of rubber toys, including appearance, size, hardness, elasticity, etc. Ensure that the product meets design requirements and quality standards.

Packaging and delivery: Qualified rubber toys will be packaged to prevent damage during transportation and storage. After packaging is completed, the product can be shipped from the factory to the point of sale.

The above is the basic production process of rubber toys. Please note that different rubber toys may have slight production differences, and the specific process may be adjusted according to product design and production requirements.

Recommended internal mixing equipment used in the production process of rubber toys: