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The function and function of the granulator

🕙 2023-08-13 👆

Granulator is an important industrial production equipment widely used in various fields such as plastics, chemical industry, food, pharmaceuticals, etc. Its main function and function are to process various raw materials or semi-finished products into granular products through processes such as heating, melting, mixing, and homogenization, in order to meet the requirements of subsequent processing and use.

1、 The functions of the granulator

Heating function: The granulator can heat raw materials to a molten state for further processing.

Melting function: The heating function of the granulator can melt raw materials, forming a melt with good fluidity, which is convenient for subsequent processing.

Mixing function: The granulator can perform mixing, melting and homogenizing various raw materials at high temperatures, forming a melt with uniform composition.

Homogenization function: The stirring and squeezing effects of the granulator can homogenize raw materials at high temperatures, ensuring product quality and stability.

Granulation function: The granulator can cut homogenized melt into granular products to meet subsequent processing requirements such as tablet pressing and molding.

2、 The function of the granulator

Improving processing efficiency: The granulator can process raw materials or semi-finished products into granular products, facilitating subsequent processing processes such as tablet pressing and molding, and improving the overall processing efficiency.

Ensure product quality: The homogenization function of the granulator can ensure the uniform composition of raw materials, thereby improving the quality and stability of the product.

Convenient storage and transportation: Granular products are more convenient to store and transport compared to original raw materials or semi-finished products, reducing logistics costs and losses.

Expanding application scope: Granular products processed by granulators can be widely used in various fields, such as plastic products, chemical products, food, pharmaceuticals, etc.

As an important industrial production equipment, granulators have various functions and functions such as heating, melting, mixing, homogenization, and granulation, which can improve processing efficiency, ensure product quality, facilitate storage and transportation, and expand the application range.

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