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Plast Milan - Milan International Plastic and Rubber Exhibition, Italy

🕙 2023-08-09 👆

The Italian International Plastic and Rubber Exhibition is a grand triennial exhibition that celebrated its 17th edition at the Milan International Exhibition Center in 2015. The organizer of this exhibition is Assomaplast, an Italian manufacturer of plastic and rubber machinery equipment and molds, which is also a member of the Confederation of Italian Industries.

The goal of this exhibition is to showcase the latest plastic and rubber industry technologies and products, providing a platform for professionals in the industry to exchange and learn. The exhibition scope includes various plastic and rubber machinery and equipment, such as single machine and auxiliary machinery, molds and mold components. In addition, the exhibition also showcases mechanical repair workshops, tools, and repair equipment to meet the industry's needs in production, maintenance, and improvement.

At the exhibition, visitors can learn about the latest technologies in the plastic and rubber industries, including all aspects from production to marketing. This exhibition is not only an opportunity to showcase the latest technologies and products, but also an excellent place to understand market trends and development directions. Therefore, many companies choose to showcase their latest technologies and products at this exhibition in order to attract more customers and partners.

In addition to showcasing the latest technologies and products, this exhibition is also a platform for promoting international cooperation and exchange. Exhibitors and visitors from around the world gather here to share their experiences and knowledge, establish new connections, and seek cooperation opportunities.

The Italian International Plastic and Rubber Exhibition is an important industry event, which is a great opportunity for enterprises who want to understand the development trends of the plastic and rubber industry in Italy and Europe, and showcase their latest technologies and products.

Place Milan

Exhibition time: September 5-8, 2023

Venue: Europe Italy Milan

Exhibition Industry: Plastic Rubber