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Advantages and disadvantages of natural rubber

🕙 2023-10-19 👆

Natural rubber is made from latex collected from rubber trees, a polymer of isoprene.


High elasticity: The elasticity of natural rubber can reach up to 80%, and its elasticity may vary depending on the formula.

High elongation: The highest elongation of natural rubber can reach over 1000%.

Good mechanical strength: The tensile strength of unreinforced natural rubber ranges from 25 to 30 MPa, and can reach 32 MPa after reinforcement.

Good cold resistance: The glass transition temperature of natural rubber is -72 ℃, so it can still maintain elasticity at lower temperatures.

Low density: the density of raw rubber is less than 1g/cm ³。

Good electrical insulation: Natural rubber is an insulator, so it is widely used as an insulation material for wires, cables, and other electronic equipment.


Easy to age: Natural rubber is easily affected by oxygen, ozone, and ultraviolet radiation, leading to a decrease in performance.

Poor heat resistance: Under long-term high temperature conditions, natural rubber is prone to deformation and degradation.

Poor oil resistance: Natural rubber is prone to swelling and degradation in certain oils and chemicals (excluding alkalis).

Processing difficulties: Natural rubber has poor flowability and requires significant pressure and temperature during processing.

Flammability: When natural rubber is burned, it releases a large amount of smoke and toxic gases, increasing the risk of fire.

It should be noted that for certain specific application scenarios, certain drawbacks of natural rubber may be magnified, while certain advantages may become less important. Therefore, when selecting natural rubber as a material, it is necessary to evaluate it based on specific application scenarios.

Operating temperature range: approximately -60 ℃ to+80 ℃

Advantages: Good wear resistance, high elasticity, tensile strength, and elongation

Disadvantages: It is prone to aging in the air, becomes sticky when exposed to heat, expands and dissolves easily in mineral oil or gasoline, and is alkali resistant but not acid resistant.

Natural rubber mixing and granulation equipment: