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Main raw materials for rubber products

🕙 2023-10-27 👆

Main raw materials for rubber products:

The main raw materials for rubber products are raw rubber, compounding agents, and skeleton materials.

Raw rubber usually refers to natural rubber, synthetic rubber, recycled rubber, and various other elastomers, such as SBS.

Blending agents refer to fillers, reinforcing agents, vulcanizing agents, accelerators, and various additives.

Skeleton materials are various materials that maintain the shape of the product and improve its strength.

Rubber product production line equipment:


Kneading mixer

Types of rubber products:

There are various types of rubber products, which can be roughly divided into the following categories based on their purpose.

1. Tires

Tires are the main product in rubber products, and 50% -70% of rubber on Earth is used to produce various types of tires.

According to usage, tires mainly include automotive tires, aviation tires, tractor tires, and engineering machinery tires.

According to structure, there are two types of tires: solid tires and pneumatic tires.

Except for cranes and electric vehicles for short distance transportation, cars, airplanes, tractors, and various engineering machinery vehicles all use hollow pneumatic tires.

The structure of pneumatic tires is also constantly developing and improving, especially with the rapid development of radial tires.

In recent years, there has also been significant development in tubeless tires.

2. Power tire

Bicycle tires mainly include two categories: handcart tires and bicycle tires.

According to their different structures, they can be divided into soft edge tires and hard edge tires. Due to the differences in their structures, their forming methods also differ.

Power tires are indispensable in industrial production and people's lives!

3. Tape

Tape can be divided into conveyor belts and transmission belts according to its different functions.

The conveyor belt is one of the main components on the belt conveyor, which is widely used in industries such as metallurgy, coal, chemical, construction, and transportation.

Transmission belts include parallel transmission belts, triangular belts, synchronous toothed belts, continuously variable transmission belts, high-speed annular belts, etc., all of which are used for transmitting power.

When the transmission belt is working, it runs smoothly, has no noise, and can alleviate the impact of load, making manufacturing and installation more convenient. Therefore, many mechanical equipment uses tape transmission devices.

4. Rubber hose

The hose mainly includes three types: pressure resistant hose, suction hose, and pressure resistant suction dual purpose hose.

However, enterprises generally divide rubber hoses into six types based on their material and structure: full rubber hose, cloth clip hose, woven hose, wrapped hose, knitted hose, and suction hose.

The main function of rubber hoses is to transport liquid, gas, or granular solid materials.

5. Rubber shoes

Rubber shoes can be roughly divided into two categories based on their structural characteristics and form: rubber faced rubber shoes and cloth faced rubber shoes.

According to the objects of use, it can be divided into several types: military shoes, industrial and mining shoes, agricultural and forestry labor shoes, general wear shoes, sports shoes, etc.

Rubber overshoes are daily necessities for people, and they are also widely used in industries, mining enterprises, sports, and other fields.

6. Industrial rubber products

In addition to tires, tape, hoses, rubber shoes, and other types of rubber products, there are also many other products, such as aircraft fuel tanks, rubber water, rubber fenders, air springs, adhesive tapes, rubber plates, and so on.

In order to distinguish it from large products such as tires, it is customary to refer to industrial rubber products as rubber "miscellaneous".

7. Latex products

Latex products include both industrial and civilian products.

Its main products include condoms, industrial gloves, medical gloves, latex hoses, rubber threads, sponge mattresses, etc.

The use and demand for latex products are also constantly expanding.