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Last discovered element: rhenium

🕙 2023-08-25 👆

Last discovered element: rhenium

Rhenium reference price: 2821.91 USD/kg

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Rhenium is a truly rare element. Its content in the crust is smaller than all rare earth elements, only greater than elements such as protactinium and radium. In addition, it does not form fixed minerals and is usually associated with other metals. This makes it the last element discovered in nature.

Scientists discovered rhenium in 1908, named after the Rhine River in Europe. Rhenium is one of the high melting point metals, even more difficult to obtain than diamonds, so its price is also very high.

Important features: silver gray, heavy, high density

Main producing countries: Chile, Kazakhstan, United States

Important use: Nickel rhenium high-temperature alloys can be used to manufacture combustion chambers, turbine blades, and exhaust nozzles of jet engines. These alloys contain up to 6% rhenium, making them the largest practical application of rhenium. Secondly, as catalysts in the chemical industry, rhenium is more difficult to obtain than diamonds, making it expensive. Due to its application in high-efficiency jet and rocket engines, rhenium is of great importance in military strategy.