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Introduction to the Basic Manufacturing Process of Rubber Products

🕙 2023-09-18 👆

1. Basic process flow

With the development of modern industry, there are various types of rubber products, including rubber sealing rings, silicone sealing rings, fluorine rubber sealing rings, etc. But its production process is basically the same. The production process of products made from raw rubber mainly includes: raw material preparation → internal mixing → mixing → cutting → forming and vulcanization → rough edge treatment → maintenance → packaging and shipment.

2. Preparation of raw materials

The main materials of rubber products include raw rubber and compounding agents. Raw rubber is the basic material, and the compounding agent is an auxiliary material added to improve certain properties of rubber products. During the raw material preparation process, the ingredients must be accurately weighed according to the formula.

3. Secret refining

In order for the raw rubber and the compounding agent to mix evenly with each other, it is necessary to process certain materials, which is called internal mixing.




4. Mixing

In order to adapt to various usage conditions, obtain various properties, and improve the performance of rubber products and reduce costs, it is necessary to add different additives to the raw rubber. Mixing is the process of mixing the raw rubber after internal mixing with the compounding agent and placing it in a rubber mixer. Through mechanical mixing, the compounding agent is completely and evenly dispersed in the raw rubber.

5. Cutting material

Cut raw materials into strips of different sizes and weights according to the weight and size of the product, and wait for molding and vulcanization.

6. Forming vulcanization

Put the cut strip shaped raw materials into the mold, and through the high temperature of the molding machine, melt the raw materials into the mold to form.

7. Burr treatment

Separate the burrs from the product, including manual removal of burrs and mechanical deburring.

8. Maintenance

By manual selection, products with poor appearance are selected, which mainly include rough edges, dirty molds, immature, missing materials, and foaming.

9. Packaging

Shipping depends on different sizes and packaging quantities.