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Application of Internal Mixer and Open Mixer in Rubber Products

🕙 2023-08-12 👆

Internal mixer and open mixer are two essential equipment in the production process of rubber products, each with unique advantages and application scenarios. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the application of internal mixer and open mixer in rubber products.

1、 Application of internal mixer in rubber products


Internal mixer is an efficient mixing equipment mainly used for mixing and plasticizing rubber products. Its working principle is to mix rubber and compounding agent under high temperature and pressure conditions through two opposite rotating rotors. The mixing effect of the internal mixer is good, which can improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption. In the production of rubber products, internal mixers are mainly used in the following aspects:

Preparation of mixed rubber: Various raw materials are mixed using an internal mixer to prepare a mixed rubber that meets the requirements. By mixing with an internal mixer, it is possible to ensure uniform distribution of rubber components and improve the performance of rubber products.

Heat mixing and molding: The internal mixer can perform heat mixing and molding, which involves thermoplastic processing of rubber materials at high temperatures to prepare various shapes of rubber materials. This helps to improve the molding quality and efficiency of rubber products.

Laboratory testing: The internal mixer can be used to prepare rubber materials for testing, conduct various material performance tests and process optimization, and provide reference for the production of rubber products.

2、 Application of open mill in rubber products


The open mill is a traditional rubber processing equipment, which works by heating and plasticizing rubber raw materials through two relatively rotating rollers, and then pressing and refining them. The application of refiners in rubber products is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

Plasticizing and mixing: The opening mill can perform plasticizing and mixing to achieve a certain degree of plasticity of rubber raw materials and mix them with other additives. This helps to improve the performance and service life of rubber products.

Pressing and beating: The mixer can press and beat the plasticized rubber material to produce film and slurry that meet the requirements. This helps to improve the molding efficiency and product quality of rubber products.

Intermediate processing: In the production process of rubber products, it is sometimes necessary to perform intermediate processing, such as adjusting dimensions, trimming edges, etc. The opening mill can be used for these intermediate processing operations to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Thickness measurement: The open mill can be used to measure the thickness of the film, ensuring that the size of the rubber product meets the requirements.

3、 Comparative Analysis of Internal Mixer and Open Mixer

Both internal mixer and open mixer have their own advantages and disadvantages in rubber product production. The internal mixer has good mixing effect and high production efficiency, but the equipment investment is large and suitable for large-scale production. Although the mixing effect of the open mixer is slightly inferior to that of the internal mixer, the equipment is simple and easy to operate, making it suitable for small-scale production. In practical applications, appropriate equipment should be selected based on factors such as production scale, product requirements, and process conditions.