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Advantages and disadvantages of polyurethane rubber and its temperature resistance performance

🕙 2023-09-29 👆

Polyurethane rubber(UR  PU) is an elastic material that contains a large number of amino ester groups in the polymer main chain, also known as polyurethane rubber, abbreviated as polyurethane rubber or urethane rubber, or polyurethane elastomer. Its polymer chain not only contains amino ester groups, but also ester groups, ether groups, urea groups, aromatic groups, and fatty chains. This material is usually formed by the reaction of oligomer polyols, polyisocyanates, and chain extenders. Due to differences in raw materials, ratios, reaction methods, and conditions, different structures and types of varieties can be formed.

Advantages: Good mechanical properties, high hardness, high elasticity, high wear resistance, high pressure resistance, aging resistance, ozone resistance, and good oil resistance.

General operating temperature range: -45~90 ℃.

Disadvantage: Not resistant to high temperatures.

Commonly used in: high-pressure, wear-resistant, and sealing components in industry. For example, hydraulic cylinder seals.

Recommendation for polyurethane rubber mixer:


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