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Definition and classification of plastic seals

🕙 2023-08-09 👆

Sealing category: Firstly, it is a fundamental discipline that studies the mechanism of sealing, the friction, wear, and lubrication phenomena of sealing materials, as well as the design of sealing devices; The second is an applied discipline aimed at energy conservation and consumption reduction, improving equipment reliability and service life.

Involved in disciplines and technical fields

・ Fluid mechanics


・ Polymer Chemistry


・Thermodynamics of Materials

・Research on Sealing Mechanism

・Sealing structure design

・Research and development of sealing materials

・Processing technology and equipment

・Performance testing and reliability analysis

※ Sealing element: It is a key basic component to prevent the leakage of media in the sealing system of mechanical equipment and the invasion of external impurities, dust, water, etc., ensuring the safe, economical, and reliable operation of the equipment.

※Seals (adhesives) are found in organic, pump, pipe, and valve areas. Although the sealing industry is small and plays a significant role, it is an important mechanical foundation component.

※According to industry, it can be divided into rubber plastic seals, mechanical seals, and packing static seals.

Technical Trends in Plastic Sealing

1. New rubber plastic sealing materials with low friction, low compression permanent deformation, high wear resistance, high strength, high and low temperature resistance, complex medium resistance, aging resistance, high vacuum resistance, and high cleanliness will be widely used; Breakthroughs will be made in the molecular design technology, modification technology, and surface treatment technology of sealing materials.

2. Meet the requirements of extreme size, combination, integration, systematization, lightweight, refinement, and intelligence, and achieve innovation in the rubber plastic sealing structure type; Simulation design technology will be widely applied.

3. Breakthroughs will be made in the design technology, processing technology, testing technology, and online monitoring technology of sealing systems that meet the requirements of energy conservation, consumption reduction, and green environmental protection.