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Tokyo International High Performance Plastic Manufacturing Technology Exhibition, Japan

🕙 2023-08-05 👆

The Tokyo International High Performance Plastic Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (Plastic Japan) is an exhibition focused on high performance plastics, composite materials, and manufacturing technology. It is held every December at the Ami International Exhibition Center in Tokyo, Japan.

The exhibition showcases various technologies and products related to the plastic industry, including plastic raw materials, additives, molding and processing machines, and recycling technologies. It brings together leading enterprises and technology innovators from around the world to showcase and explore the latest developments and technologies in the plastic industry.

At the Plastic Japan exhibition, you can find various exhibits related to the plastic industry, including high-performance plastics, Bioplastic, composites, processing and molding technology, testing and analysis equipment, recycling technology, etc. In addition, the exhibition also features special seminars and technical lectures, providing participants with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of industry trends and technological developments.

The exhibitors and visitors of this exhibition come from all over the world, providing a platform for communication and cooperation for the industry. Through exhibition and visit, you can expand business opportunities, understand Market trend and technological innovation, and further promote the development of the plastic industry.

If you plan to participate in the Plastic Japan exhibition, it is recommended that you have detailed information about the exhibition in advance, including the exhibition time, location, range of exhibits, exhibition fees, etc.


Exhibition time: October 4-6, 2023

Venue: Asia Japan Tokyo

Exhibition Industry: Plastic Rubber

Exhibition Hall: Tokyo International Convention and Exhibition Center, Japan(Big Sight)

Exhibition Scope

Raw materials/additives: high-performance plastic raw materials, functional materials, resin compounds, coating materials.

Forming machinery: injection molding machines, molding machines, blow molding machines, and rolling equipment.

Mold/mold related products: molds, models, mold materials, mold processing machines, design analysis tools.

Recycling and regeneration technology: plastic recycling machines, waste plastic crushers, recycled resins, and metering devices.

Polymerization/compounding equipment: Kneader reactor, mixer, granulator, cooler.

Machine element/peripheral equipment: conveying system, bulb, connector, plastic pump, cylinder, piston cylinder, hydraulic equipment, pneumatic equipment.

Secondary processing technology: welding technology, electroplating processing technology, cutting, punching technology, and heat treatment technology.

Inspection/measurement/test equipment: thermometer, sensor, thickness gauge, Viscometer, hardness tester, impact tester, appearance inspection machine.