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Brazil Joinville International Rubber, Plastic and Mould Exhibition

🕙 2023-08-04 👆

Expoplast, the largest plastics industry exhibition in Latin America, is held every two years at the Joinville Exhibition Center in Joinville, Brazil. The exhibition focuses on cutting-edge technologies and development trends in the rubber and plastic industry, providing a platform for communication and cooperation among manufacturers, suppliers, purchasers, and R&D personnel in the global rubber and plastic industry.

At the recent Expoplast exhibition, exhibitors and visitors came from all over the world, with exhibits covering various fields such as plastics, rubber, molds, machinery, and accessories. The exhibition showcased the latest products and technologies, including plastic processing and molding technology, new rubber and plastic materials, environmental protection technology, and sustainable development solutions.

 EuroMold BRASIL

Exhibition time: April 5-8, 2024

Venue: South America Brazil Joinville

Exhibition Industry: Plastic Rubber

Exhibition hall: Joinville Pavilions Exhibition Center, Brazil(Explore Pavillions)