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The Role of Metal Powder Granulation: Process, Application, and Future Development

🕙 2023-07-28 👆

With the rapid development of science and technology, metal powder granulation technology has gradually become an important processing technology, widely used in fields such as automobiles, aerospace, medical equipment, and household appliances. This article mainly discusses the process, application, and future development of metal powder granulation.

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1、 The process of metal powder granulation

Metal powder granulation, in simple terms, refers to the process of compressing and heating metal powder into particles. These particles are commonly referred to as "metal particles" and can be used as processing raw materials, such as for pressing, forging, extrusion, or drilling.

Generally speaking, the process of metal powder granulation includes the following steps:

Powder preparation: Firstly, metal raw materials are made into powder through various methods such as chemical reactions or physical processes.

Powder screening: screen the powder to make the Granularity of the powder evenly distributed.

Powder compression: Compress the screened powder into blocks under high pressure.

Heating treatment: Heat the compressed powder block to maintain its stable shape.

2、 Application of Metal Powder Granulation

Metal powder granulation technology has been widely applied in many fields due to its unique characteristics, such as customizability and high precision. The following are its main application areas:

Automotive industry: Manufacturing efficient and durable engine parts such as pistons, connecting rods, etc.

Aerospace: Manufacturing high-strength aerospace structural components, such as aircraft landing gears, engine blades, etc.

Medical equipment: Manufacturing biocompatible implants, such as artificial joints, dental implants, etc.

Household appliances: Manufacturing efficient and durable components such as motors and radiators.

3、 Future Development of Metal Powder Granulation

With the advancement of technology, metal powder granulation technology is also constantly innovating and developing. Here are some possible development directions:

The development of new powder preparation technologies, such as laser melting and plasma technology, can produce purer and finer powders.

The development of new granulation technologies, such as 3D printing technology, can directly stack powder layers into complex shaped parts, greatly improving the freedom of manufacturing.

Research on new materials, such as nanometals and amorphous metals, which have excellent physical properties and provide new possibilities for metal powder granulation.

Overall, metal powder granulation technology is a processing technology with great potential. With the continuous progress of technology, its application fields will further expand, providing more possibilities for human life and industrial development.