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Thailand Bangkok International Plastic Rubber Machinery Exhibition

🕙 2023-07-28 👆


The Bangkok International Plastic and Rubber Machinery Exhibition in Thailand is the largest plastic exhibition held annually, reflecting the level of plastic and rubber technology development in Asia.

Wide exhibition scope: showcasing a wider variety of products. The main exhibits include: plastic manufacturing machinery, technology, chemicals, and raw materials; From plastic molding to injection molding applications, from automotive component manufacturing to plastic packaging production, from upstream industries to downstream industries and recycling processing. The Thailand International Plastic and Rubber Machinery Exhibition will bring you more business opportunities, larger exhibition area, and more brands and technologies to showcase.

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Exhibition hall: Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre, Thailand

Exhibition organizer: Reed Exhibitions UK

Recent exhibition time: June 19-22, 2024

Venue: Asia Thailand Bangkok

The Bangkok International Plastic and Rubber Machinery Exhibition in Thailand is a large-scale international exhibition focused on the plastic and rubber machinery industry. The exhibition aims to promote industry innovation, promote trade exchanges, and enhance industry influence. Participating companies can showcase their products, technologies, and innovative solutions, while also communicating and collaborating with peers from around the world.

The theme of the exhibition covers various aspects of the plastic and rubber machinery industry, including plastic machinery, rubber machinery, processing technology, testing equipment, etc. The types of exhibits exhibited by participating enterprises are very diverse, including injection molding machines, extruders, calenders, mixers, plastic auxiliary equipment, plastic testing equipment, rubber processing equipment, etc. In addition, the exhibition also focuses on cutting-edge technology and applications in the industry, showcasing the latest plastic rubber machinery technology and solutions.

One of the highlights of the Bangkok International Plastic and Rubber Machinery Exhibition in Thailand is the presence of numerous influential guests and professional presentations. The exhibition invited experts and industry leaders from around the world to give speeches and share experiences, as well as various professional reports and seminars, providing participants with the opportunity to gain in-depth understanding of industry trends and the latest technological developments.

The exhibition has a significant promoting effect on the industry. It not only provides a platform for display and communication in the plastic rubber machinery industry, but also brings more business opportunities and partners to the industry. Through exhibitions, enterprises can expand their business scope, establish new cooperative relationships, and also understand the latest developments in the industry, enhancing their competitiveness and innovation capabilities.

Looking ahead, the Bangkok International Plastic and Rubber Machinery Exhibition in Thailand will continue to be held and attract more enterprises to participate. I believe that with the joint efforts of all participating enterprises, the exhibition will create a better business atmosphere and promote the sustainable development of the plastic rubber machinery industry.

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