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The Application of Internal Mixer in Plastic Products

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With the continuous progress of technology, the use of internal mixer in the plastic product industry is becoming increasingly widespread. This article mainly discusses the definition, working principle, classification and characteristics of internal mixer, as well as its application in plastic products, including rubber, plastic, etc.

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1、 Introduction

Internal mixer is an important equipment for mixing and refining various plastic raw materials, with unique working principles and characteristics. In the modern plastic product industry, internal mixers play an important role in the refining process of materials such as rubber and plastics. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the characteristics, working principle, and application of internal mixer in the plastic product industry.

2、 Definition, Working Principle, and Classification of Internal Mixers

Internal mixer, also known as double rotor continuous mixer, is a device that mixes and refines polymer materials such as rubber or plastic in a closed container. Its working principle mainly relies on two relatively rotating rotors, which mix raw materials evenly and undergo preliminary chemical reactions through mechanical actions such as friction and shear force in high-temperature and high-pressure environments.

According to different capacities and speeds, internal mixers can be divided into three types: low speed, medium speed, and high speed. The low-speed internal mixer has a large capacity and low rotational speed, making it suitable for rubber mixing with high rubber content; The medium speed mixer has moderate capacity and speed, suitable for various rubber mixing; The high-speed mixer has a smaller capacity and higher rotational speed, making it suitable for mixing rubber with low rubber content and mixing plastics.

3、 Characteristics of internal mixer

High production efficiency: The internal mixer can complete the mixing and refining of raw materials in a short period of time, resulting in high production efficiency.

Low waste of raw materials: The internal mixer can be operated in a closed environment, effectively avoiding pollution and waste of raw materials.

Convenient process control: The mixing process of the internal mixer can be automatically controlled, with stable process and simple operation.

Strong adaptability: The internal mixer can be personalized adjusted according to the characteristics and process requirements of different raw materials, with strong adaptability.

4、 The Application of Internal Mixer in Plastic Products

Rubber products

In the rubber product industry, internal mixers are mainly used for mixing rubber raw materials. By mixing and refining raw materials such as rubber, plasticizers, and fillers in different proportions, a rubber compound can be formed that can be used to produce various rubber products. The mixing effect of the internal mixer is uniform and delicate, which plays an important role in improving the quality and performance of rubber products.

Plastic products

In the plastic product industry, internal mixers can be used to mix and refine various plastic raw materials. Plastic materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride can be refined by an internal mixer to form plasticized plastic compounds that can be used for injection molding, compression molding, and other molding processes. The use of internal mixer can improve the uniformity and density of plastic products, which is beneficial for improving the quality and performance of products.

Other applications

In addition to rubber and plastic products, internal mixer can also be used in the production of other polymer material products, such as rubber pipes, seals, insulation materials, etc. The raw materials used for mixing include natural rubber, synthetic rubber, plastic, fiber, etc., providing a rich and high-quality raw material for the product industry.

5、 Conclusion

As an efficient and environmentally friendly mixing and refining equipment, internal mixer has significant advantages in the application of plastic products industry. Its high production efficiency, low raw material waste, convenient process control, and strong adaptability provide strong support for the development of the plastic product industry. With the continuous progress of technology and the continuous optimization of manufacturing processes, the application of internal mixer in the plastic product industry will become more widespread, bringing new opportunities and challenges to the development of the industry.

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