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Advantages of our metal powder granulator equipment

🕙 2023-07-25 👆

The purpose of metal powder granulation is to improve the flowability and compressibility of the powder, in order to facilitate better molding and processing.

Our metal powder granulator has the following advantages:

1. Improving flowability: The powder needs to have good flowability during the molding process to fill the cavities in the mold. Our metal powder granulator can create a certain degree of cohesion and lubrication between powder particles, thereby improving the fluidity of the powder. The particle grading and size can be adjusted, making it easier to flow and fill the mold.

2. Improving compressibility and strength: Our metal powder granulator can increase the compressibility of the powder, enabling it to better maintain its shape and density during the pressing process. The formation of appropriate bonding force and surface tension between powder particles helps to improve the contact and tightness between particles during compaction.

3. Particle size control: The granulator can control the size and distribution of particles to adjust the properties of the powder. It can adjust the particle size according to the needs of users, improve the uniformity and fluidity of the powder, and help to achieve consistent molding effects, ensuring that there are no differences in production batches.

For metal powder particles, if the bonding force between particles is weak, it is not conducive to sintering and heat treatment processes. By using our factory's metal powder granulator, the adhesion and compactness of metal powder particles can be increased, and the effect of sintering and heat treatment can be improved. This makes metal powder more suitable for preparing high-density and high-strength metal products, making it an ideal choice for the industry!



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