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What is a metal powder granulator used for?

🕙 2023-07-24 👆

The metal powder granulator is mainly used to convert metal powder into granules. This machine can mix powder materials through high-speed rotors and pins and convert them into small pellets, thereby producing particles. This equipment can be applied to the granulation of various powders, including metal powder, iron powder, aluminum powder, bentonite, fly ash, fly ash, carbon black, ceramic powder, sludge, etc. Users can adjust the size and shape of particles according to production needs to meet storage, transportation, and ingredient needs.

Metal powder granulators are mainly used in the following fields:

Chemical products: These types of products require processes such as grinding and mixing to convert them into granules, which can improve the quality and stability of the product.

Food and pharmaceuticals: These industries require the processing of some raw materials into granules to facilitate subsequent production and processing.

Ceramics and glass: These industries require the conversion of some powders into granules to facilitate subsequent molding and sintering.

Pigments and dyes: These industries require the mixing and granulation of some powders to facilitate subsequent use and dispersion.

Feed and fertilizer: These industries need to process some raw materials into granules to facilitate subsequent transportation and use.

In summary, metal powder granulators are widely used in many industries, which can improve product quality and stability by converting powder into granules, facilitating subsequent production and processing.

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