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The Crossflow Mixing Method of Rubber

🕙 2023-12-08 👆

The traditional one-stage mixing method is limited to the preparation of softer or slower vulcanized rubber materials and the use of small and medium-sized equipment. This is determined by the cooling requirements of the internal mixer equipment after the preparation of the mother rubber. The cross mixing method is composed of two cross mixing machine units, with the front equipment above the back equipment, and the upper mixing machine can produce a section of master rubber material in a shear type. The internal mixer can maintain high speed, high temperature, or long-term mixing to achieve better uniform dispersion. As soon as the normal mixing cycle of the mixer ends, the hot rubber material is discharged into the mixer below. The volume of the lower mixer is larger than that of the upper mixer, with a lower rotational speed and strong cooling capacity. It can quickly reduce the temperature of the rubber material from 140 degrees to below 100 degrees in less than 2 minutes. Then, reactive additives are added to the lower mixer, and mixed at a typical rotor speed of 15 revolutions per minute for 1 to 2 minutes before discharging.