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Do silicone products require the use of an internal mixer in the production process?

🕙 2023-11-27 👆

In the production process of rubber products, the internal mixer is a very important equipment, which can mix, refine, and plasticize various raw materials to obtain uniform rubber products. However, whether an internal mixer is needed in the production process of silicone products depends on the specific situation.

Firstly, we need to understand the raw materials and production process of silicone products. Silicone is a special material that has high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and is therefore widely used in many fields. The production process of silicone products usually includes steps such as ingredients, rubber blending, cutting, molding, and vulcanization. Among them, rubber refining is one of the key steps, which requires mixing and plasticizing silicone raw materials with various additives for subsequent processing.

So, why do some people believe that the production of silicone products does not require the use of a mixer? This is because the refining process of silicone raw materials is relatively simple, requiring only simple mixing and heating of the raw materials. In this process, there is no need for high-strength refining and plasticization like in the production of rubber products. Therefore, some small silicone product manufacturers may choose to use manual mixing instead of using internal mixers.

However, for some large silicone product manufacturers, the use of internal mixers is still necessary. This is because when producing large silicone products, more raw materials and more complex formulas are required. In this case, the use of manual compounding may affect the quality of the product due to insufficient manpower or inaccurate temperature control. Therefore, using an internal mixer can more efficiently and accurately complete the rubber mixing process, thereby improving the quality and production efficiency of products.

In addition, some special types of silicone products may require the use of internal mixers. For example, some high-performance silicone products may require more rigorous refining and plasticization processes to ensure their performance and quality. In this case, using an internal mixer can better control the rubber mixing process, resulting in more uniform and high-quality products.

In summary, whether a mixer is needed in the production process of silicone products depends on the specific situation. For small manufacturers or simple silicone products, manual compounding may be sufficient. However, for large manufacturers or high-performance silicone products, using a mixer can better improve production efficiency and product quality.