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What equipment is required for rubber product manufacturing?

🕙 2023-10-24 👆

The manufacturing of rubber products requires the following types of equipment:

Raw material storage equipment: A warehouse and shelf used to store rubber and other raw materials.

Mixing equipment: Mixing rubber and other raw materials together, usually using a mixer or mixer.

Processing equipment: Equipment used to make rubber products from mixtures, such as extruders, calenders, molding machines, etc.

Heating and uniform heating equipment: used to heat rubber products to the required temperature to ensure the quality and uniformity of rubber products.

Vulcanization equipment: used to vulcanize rubber products into final products, usually including flat vulcanization machines and conveyor belt vulcanization machines.

Cutting and trimming equipment: used to cut vulcanized rubber products into the required size and shape, and perform trimming.

Testing equipment: used to test the quality and performance of rubber products, such as hardness testers, tensile testing machines, etc.

Packaging equipment: used to package rubber products into final products, usually including automatic packaging lines and manual packaging platforms.

These devices have different functions and uses in the manufacturing process of rubber products, and need to be selected and used according to different production stages and product types.

Recommended equipment for rubber product manufacturing: