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A New Type of Ceramic Material Processing Tool - Ceramic Powder Internal Mixer

🕙 2023-04-25 👆

A New Type of Ceramic Material Processing Tool - Ceramic Powder Internal Mixer



New ceramic materials, as an important branch of the field of new materials, have gradually become important key materials for the development of many high-tech fields and have received great attention from industrialized countries.

However, there is still a certain gap in the overall level of domestic new ceramics compared to the United States, Japan, and Germany. Mainly manifested in the following three aspects:

1、 Lack of technology and new product engineering transformation, many excellent materials still remain in the laboratory stage

2、 Insufficient emphasis on high-end powder preparation and dispersion technology, and there is no specialized production enterprise for various ceramic powders

3、 The backward manufacturing equipment and processing technology, as well as the large investment in high-end equipment, have limited the development of the ceramic industry

In response to future trends, the development of new ceramic powders is also becoming increasingly significant

Following the trend, the ceramic powder mixer developed by Changfeng Machinery is also highly favored by major ceramic customers, and its independently developed products are comparable to imported equipment from Japan.

We have been moving forward in China's manufacturing industry, and we will bring Chinese prices and imported quality to everyone.

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