• Post time: Sep-20-2019

    On 1st Sep.2019,We,Dongguan CFine Machinery Technology Co,Ltd,Unveiling ceremony was hold for”CFine Intelligent Manufacturing Tech Park”.   We will keep providing nice products and service for our customers from all over the world!   Read more »

  • Post time: Aug-16-2019

     In order to enrich our company daily life,on 15th Aug.2019,the first “Culture Cup” Billiard Competition held in CFine company Sport Room. Read more »

  • What is Metal Injection Moulding?
    Post time: Jun-07-2018

    Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) is a manufacturing process that involves manipulating metal powders to behave like a plastic by mixing them with polymer binders to form a feedstock. This feedstock is used to injection mould net shaped, precision components. Parts are then thermally processed to re...Read more »

  • Post time: May-19-2018

    Sometimes, customers usurally complain that they inquired for rubber banbury mixer, but the supplier offered them the rubber dispersion kneader. Especially Chinese suppliers, they always call the kneader banbury mixer. Why? In China, the rubber&plastic dispersion kneader is called ” Tur...Read more »

  • Post time: Feb-05-2018

    Dear friends, Chinese New Year is approaching. Combined with the certain situation, our company arranges the Spring Festival holiday as follow: Holiday begins on Feb.12th and ends on Feb.22. During the holiday, you can contact us by tel:+8613829294617 and mail:cfd@cfine.cc We wish you a happy ne...Read more »

  • waktos pos: Aug-15-2017

    Acim (keramik suntik molding) industri anu dina jalan ogé jeung raksasa Industri lengkah maju ka dinya, pabrik alat-alat moal jadi iwal tangtu. Dongguan CFine mesin sempet deliveried dalapan mixers tipe banbury Buka-Tutup pikeun keramik kamari. Nurutkeun naon Mr.Shu, anu ... Read more »

  • Ngeunaan mixer Kontinyu
    waktos pos: Aug-15-2017

    Ciri paling atra tina mesin ieu tetep nyoco materi. Produktivitas gumantung kana laju dahar jeung speed dahar (speed of Pergaulan screws jeung screw extruding) nyaéta adjustable. Cocog jeung 1.PE, ABS, PS, Eva master tumpak; ABS, Eva, seuneu retardant master ... Read more »

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