Ceramic is popular. One of industry giants buyed 8 sets of CIM banbury mixer at a time

CIM(Ceramic injection molding) industry is on the well way and the industry giants step forward to it, equipment manufacturers won’t be the exception of course. Dongguan CFine Machinery had deliveried eight Open-Close type banbury mixers for ceramic yesterday.


According to what Mr.Shu, the general manager of CFine Machinery said, this type banbury mixer is especially designed for mixing ceramic powder such as zirconia, aluminia and so on. The fact is that this type mixer will keep ceramic away from contamination and its ability is comparable to the machine imported from Japan since many companies well-known in the CIM industry come to our factory and test the formula in our Lab.

The ceramic powder such as zirconia and alumina can be easily adhered to the rotors and side walls of mixing chamber during the progress which will affect the mixing resutl of next material even the material to be mixed is same cause binder in residual material is less.
However, the mixing chamber of this type banbury can be tightly locked and totally opened by hydraulic system. Even the rotors can be easily taken out as well which remedy the defect that it’s hard to change the color of material and clean the mixing chamber. Meanwhile, all parts that can contact the material are made of some kind of imported alloy steel which is wear-resisting and smooth. All of that make the machine able to reduce contamination rate and be used for long.


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Post time: Aug-15-2017
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