Sometimes, customers usurally complain that they inquired for rubber banbury mixer, but the supplier offered them the rubber dispersion kneader. Especially Chinese suppliers, they always call the kneader banbury mixer. Why?

In China, the rubber&plastic dispersion kneader is called ” Turnable Type Banbury Mixer” too. Because the dispersion kneader discharges finished stock by turning over the mixing chamber, and it has the similar function of banbury mixer, it is also named turnable banbury mixer.

The working principle of turnabl banbury mixer is similar to the ordinary banbury mixer. Under the pressure of hummer, the two rotors shear, extrude, and stir rubber (plastic) materials at different rotational speed in the pressure-tight mixing chamber, and finish the process of mixing or plastication.

Motorized Tilting: The tilting motor drives the worm and gear through cycloidal speed reducer. The mixing chamber will overturn forward to discharge stock, and will stop by 140°when it touches the limit switch. After discharging, the mixing chamber will reyturn to the home position by touching the limit switch.

Hydraulic Tilting: The hydraulic station drives the cylinder to pull and push the mixing chamber to turn and return. The hydraulic station has the function of pressure adjusting and locking. The maximum pressure is 10t. The maximum tilting angle is 140°. And, the limit switch which controls the position of mixing chamber is the double insurance. This type of hydraulic tilting device is stable and reliable.

Compared with traditional banbury mixer, the turnable banbury mixer is of simple structure, easy operation, and low cost. It is the preferred rubber and plastic mixing equipment of small and medium-sized manufacturers. The main difference is focused on mixing pressure and mixing speed. The main rotor speed of banbury mixer is 40r/min, and the average mixing time is about 3~5 min/batch. The main rotor speed of turnable banbury mixer is adjusted with ratio 1:1.2 , and the mixing time is about 7~9 min/batch. According to customers’actual design of up-stream and down-stream equipments, there is a difference on actual mixing speed.


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Post time: May-19-2018
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