About Continuous Mixer

The most obvious characteristic of this machine is to keep feeding the material. The productivity depends on the speed of feeding and the feeding speed (speed of mixing screws and the extruding screw ) is adjustable.

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Suitable for
1.PE, ABS, PS, EVA master batch; ABS, EVA, flame retardant master batch; PE, PP, PS and so on fill the biodegradable masterbatch.
2.PE, EVA + calcium carbonate, talcum powder, titanium dioxide, carbon black and other filling modification;
3.LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, MDPE sheath materials, insulation materials; Radiation cross linking materials, optical fiber coating materials, heat shrinkable tube materials such as cable materials;
4.PPR pipe materials, cross-linked PE pipe materials; TPR, TPU, TPV etc thermoplastic elastomer, EVA and hot melt adhesive, etc.

1.A high degree of automation, high production efficiency.
2.With continuous production,the productive status of the formula is stable,and the quality is excellent.
3.Less workers to operate
4.Keep the workshop clean as it is seal to feed when continuous production.
5.Strong self-cleaning capability for the screw barrel, easy to exchange the plastic material.
6.Energy efficiency and environment protection,high output, less space to set up
7.Excellent mixing and dispersion result
8.Easy to set up and maintain.


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